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Training Materials
for Wireless-U Workshop

Our Mission
We are here to provide information about:

  • The disasters, both natural and manmade, and
  • A range of Emergency Communication Technologies –to help the disaster survivors and the responders in the way that they can choose the appropriate technology suitable to perform emergency rescue and recovery operations which enables the victims to recover from all the post disaster hazards as well as the responders can help to mitigate the disaster aftermath.

What is an Emergency?
An emergency is any unexpected crisis that could cause serious injury or death, or seriously damage the infrastructure.


Post Disaster communication
Disasters like tsunami, cyclone, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, flood or fire, both natural and manmade often cause serious injury or death and seriously damage the infrastructure like the buildings, transportation systems and utility careers which may cause the daily necessities unavailable to the community. So a communicatoin network should be available and accessible immediately after the disaster to support the post disaster rescue and recovery activities. This rescue operation is emergency for the disaster survivors to help alleviate their sufferings.


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