Community Radio

A community radio (CR) station can be roughly defined as a short range radio station that caters to the information needs of communities living in surrounding areas. But it can be deployed for emergency communications also. Technically a CR station is just like a normal AM or FM radio station.

  • Community Radio uses licensed frequency for broadcasting information.
  • After disaster, a CR station can be set up within a short period of time.
  • The rescue workers can communicate using the two way communication feature of community radio.
  • A CR station can work as a coordination center for better organization and management among the different NGOs’, Government organizations and volunteers.
  • Quite a few components are needed to set up a CR station. Inside a studio, the minimum requirements are for a mixer, a microphone, a computer, and a pair of headphones. The computer will be used for transmitting and editing audio.
  • In addition, a transmitter and antenna will be needed for broadcast, and a few USB audio recorders for field recordings.
  • More components can be added for telephony so that people can call into the radio station.
  • Internet connectivity so that content can also be streamed to the Internet.
  • If the community has good internet access and they would like to listen to radio on the Internet, the above technologies can also be used to set up an Internet radio station.

Gram Vaani Community Media Pvt Ltd., India has been using Community Radio to leveraging its technology for low-cost and universally accessible information delivery platforms, and by enabling communities, governments, educational institutions, and NGOs to interact with each other through innovative applications


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