Donate Money

Financial contribution is the most effective donation to help people.

When the public supports the disaster survivors or the voluntary organizations with financial contributions, it helps ensure a steady flow of important services to the people in need after a disaster.

  • Financial aid is the most efficient way of helping those affected by disaster.
  • You can provide financial assistance directly to the affected people or
  • You can contribute to voluntary organizations you like, so that they can do the disaster recovery and response to help the disaster survivors with food and aid.
  • If you need help in determining who to give, you can donate to the serving AID organizations from here.

Donate Supplies

Supplies such as food, water, cloth and medical aids are life saving goods for the victims.

  • You can donate the goods that are specifically requested or needed by recognized organizations.
  • You can donate voluntary goods such as used clothing, household items, foodstuffs or any other kinds of equipments required for emergency communication to the voluntary organizations.
  • If you need help in determining which organizations to give to, you can choose from here.
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